Let’s start with the obvious: Layoffs are horrible.

There’s no soothing way to announce they’re happening, and no easy way to help employees move on from them. Most executives mean well, and try their best to show respect in this difficult situation.

However, thanks to...


I understand our company is about to change. In a big way, from what I’ve been told. In fact, I’ve heard it will be a complete transformation of our direction, business and the way we operate.

I also understand you play an important role in keeping employees infor...

Slow-motion layoffs are not entirely uncommon, of course. A former employer of ours once took this approach. Best Buy had a variety of legitimate reasons for announcing an unspecified number of cuts that would take place over time as various business units and strategi...

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Six Elements of a Good Layoff Announcement

September 18, 2019

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